Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing with Resin

Have you ever played with Resin? Well I did tonight and what a blast. I hadn't played with Resin since junior high school when we had to take Shop class. Let me tell you it’s much more fun when you get to do what you want to do, and not what the teacher is telling you to make.

I started out by getting my supplies together, picking the paper was the hardest part. I choose to go with one of my favorite companies October Afternoon and their Sidewalks collection. I also opted to use a bottle cap so I could make a magnet.

I choose what images I wanted and placed them in the bottom of the bottle cap, the background piece and the bird are both stickers, while the M pattern piece is cardstock. I then mixed the two part resin together and poured some of it in to the bottle cap. I used a tooth pick to adjust the images the way I wanted and added a few micro beads in pink and blue. I let that set up for a while and then added a small blue feather and more resin. I added a small magnet to the back and this little birdie has found a new home on my desk lamp.

I love the way it turned out......

I did stay true to my green week tonight by making this piece…it needs more time to set up so check back in tomorrow to see it finished.




  1. oh, what fun ideas. thanks for your application to be apart of the Amazing Mold putty Design Team