Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Challenge Green

While I was thinking about this "week of green" for my blog, I thought I'd do a personal challenge along with it, you know to get me to think out of the box, and use what I have. So looking around my office I decided I would make a wreath out of coffee filters, felt shapes, and shoe laces. I know sounds strange, but that's what I had, so off I started.

I took the coffee filters, (I wanted to jazz them up) so I got this great idea to punch around the outside of some of them with my new Lucky Punch 8 by We R Memories Keepers....but coffee filters are like tissue paper, as a result using punches can be a bit tricky...I did a few by stacking them up to "create" a thicker like paper, but they still got stuck, so after a few I changed my mind that they look fine just the way they were...LOL.

I made the filters green by adding a few drops of reinker to a little water and laid the filters in it. I choose 3 colors thinking that I would be able to get definition on the wreath by placing the dark ones on the outside and the inner side of the wreath…well that didn’t work so well…you see sometimes the colors don’t turn out the way you think they will…why, you ask…well when you put water based ink in water; it dilutes the color and can also bring out other pigments used in that color… for example when you use a dark green it can turn a little turquoise ((not really a St. Paddy’s Day color)) and then other colors if they are close to each other will look awesome when dieing them, but after the dry over night, you really can’t tell them apart and they fade A LOT!! But I digress…back to the wreath

I now take the beautifully died filters and glue them to a wood wreath shape. I cut up the shoe laces and loop them into the wreath to look like ribbon, add the felt shapes and stand back…it still needed something…GLITTER!! Yes that’s what it needs, so I added a little glitter…now that looks great. Here is the finished wreath hanging on the door.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog.

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