Monday, February 27, 2012

Molly meets Donna….

Remember how I said that I met many amazing people while I was at CHA? Well one of those people was Donna Downey. ( I have watched Donna on YouTube for years. I Love her work and she is such an inspiration to me. O.K. so I was walking threw a booth and saw her teaching a class, so I thought I’ll try to get a photo of her, she turned just as I was focusing my camera and said, “wouldn’t it be better if you were with me?” I (trying to compose myself) said, “ahuh.” I know classy right. She had Bill (her hubby) come over and take your picture. I was soooo exited. We talked for a few minutes and then they were on there way. She was so sweet and kind in person just like I always thought she’d be. I am now, if its even possible, a bigger fan of hers now. Now on to the crafty part of this blog…I made a little shrine, as my husband calls it to Donna. I used some of the techniques that I have learned in her CANVAS CREATE class that I am taking online. I have our photo, the word dream is from Donna’s collection by Prima, and then her autograph. I love how it turned out **it’s so Donna**

I am also attaching my January and February Canvases from the Canvas Create class. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Thanks Marianne.. I just followed her and that is how mine turned out.

  2. Molly, Your art is lovely! I'm so glad I ran across your blog. I am also a Navy spouse and at times wonder where all of the other creative people are in the Navy community! I look forward with keeping up on your blog.