Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Made with Love....

Hello AMP fans.

Today I want to share a cross that I made for my niece for her First Communion. I found this cast iron cross at the swap meet and thought it was beautiful, but it didn't look like something a young lady would want to hang in her room.

So I thought I would make a mold of it using Amazing Mold Putty,
and then make it into something a little girl would love.

After molding it I mixed the two part Amazing Casting Resin with just a drop of Alumilite Red Dye in it to turn it this great shade of pink...(one of her favorite colors.) I also brushed the mold with Alumilite Pearlescent Powder to give it a shimmery look.

After it set up. I took it out and sanded the edges a bit to make sure they where smooth.

I added some ribbons and crystals to it...I love how it turned out.

And by the look on her face I think she Loved it too.

Thanks for stopping by today to see my made with love cross. Check back often.


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